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Welcome to Rockways.

We specialise in the manufacture of natural look landscape products using polyurethane and GRC to create interlocking sections and stand alone pieces such as Rock panelling, Rock formations, formal pieces and a expansive series of waterfalls and streams. 

Every piece originates from natural stone or slate and is designed, handcrafted and sculpted. With our attention to detail and the use of our lightweight polyurethane and GRC materials and our colour scheming enables us to make the touch, texture, colours and shapes of our products look and feel as natural as the real thing. Due to their reduced  weight means each piece can effortlessly be installed into places where in some cases natural stone would not be possible. 

We also lend ourselves to custom and bespoke design. Either Incorporating some of our extensive product range or complete custom bespoke design from the very beginning. 

Some examples of such designed pieces have been used around ponds, swimming pools and animal enclosures.


Whether you are looking for a stunning water feature or some lightweight rocks, our products are the most natural looking you can buy. Take a look at our new range of 3D Aquarium/Vivarium backgrounds. They are so realistic and are very easy to install. They are made from a flexible material so just bend them into the tank and silicone in.  Please click on one of the images or menu buttons to see our wonderful range of natural looking products.


Our involvement in the landscaping industry is not just manufacturing we also offer a hands on service that includes fencing and gardens incorperated within our product installation team.













Create a stunning winding water course with our unique interlocking cascade system. Each stream section will interlock with each other, enabling you to create your own special waterfall.

This is just one range of our watercourse systems. Take a look at our most popular slate range. They are the best on the market.















The moulds are taken from real rocks so every detail is captured. Lightweight yet very strong. Perfect for exhibitions and landscaping. Our range of ARTIFICIAL ROCKS include  Sandstone and Westmoreland  



This is our wonderful natural looking bark effect bird box.

If you are looking for something natural this is for you

3D Aquarium/vivarium Flexible backgrounds

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Bird Box

Cosy Crete Nest Box

Wonderful natural looking bird box

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