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Welcome to Rockways 3D Aquarium/Vivarium backgrounds and Rocks page.

Our fantastic new range of lightweight flexible backgrounds and rocks will bring a whole new dimension to your tank.

Easy to install as they just bend into your tank. Can be fixed with a few spots of silicone or if you think you would like to remove the background at anytime, i.e for cleaning, you can fix the background to the tank using velcro. You will need to super glue or silicone the velcro to the background and the tank to ensure it stays on.  

Please click on one of the links below to see our range of BF3D Backgrounds,  our B Flexi Rough flat backgrounds and our brand new range of Aquarium/Vivarium rocks.

Aquarium/ Vivarium Rocks

BF3D Flexible Background

B Flexi R Background   

Quick guide on how to install a Rockways background

These flexible  backgrounds overcome the usual problems of brace bars on aquariums so this means we can make them in one piece to fit most tanks, so avoiding join lines. If on receipt of your background it is a little distorted, just heat it up a little and it will lay flat again.The 3D aspect of these backgrounds look amazing but do not take up much room in the tank. 

If the background is not the exact size you require, you can just cut it with scissors.

Unlike conventional backgrounds, if used in vivariums or terarriums, Insects will not eat them.

A variety of natural looking colours are available including  Sandstone, and Weathered limestone grey. The colours are inpregnated into the polyurethane, and so they will not come off.


Colours will vary as each backdrop is coloured individually


Rockways BF3DER 4 Aquarium/

Vivarium Background. Great for Reptiles as this has large ledges and deep undercutts.

Rockways BF3D Aquarium/

Vivarium Background.

Great detail with lots of ledges. Max 10cm relief.


B Flexi R


Lots of detail but

with only 6mm of relief. 

One of Rockways new Rock Clusters RC4.

Great for fish and Reptiles as this has great climbing ledges. It can come with holes for the fish to swim in and out of.

Rockways RC1A Rock Cluster with holes.

Fantastic looking rock with holes for fish to swim in and out of.

Available without holes.

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