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Rockways Fencing work

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                           ROCKWAYS LTDTel  01376 514345  Email

                                                   Rockways  Slate Waterfalls

FGRS 24                    Slate Rapid

 L1040 x W700 x H290mm         Rec pump 3000 lts p/h


FGS1A Small Slate Right  Bend

Ll600 x W600 x 250mm  

Rec pump 1500 lts p/h 

FGS2A Small Slate Right Bend

L600 X W600 XH250

Rec Pump 1500 ltr p/h


FGRS21A                        Slate Shelf with inlet

Natural Slate Fall Shelf with Inlet

700 X 980 X 150

Rec pump 4000 lts p/h


FGRS22                          Slate Overhange

Natural Slate Fall Overhang

800 X 1050 X 120

Rec pump 4000 lts p/h


FGRS35                    FGRS21A -21-22 One Piece

Natural Slate Fall One Piece

1250 X 1040 X 450 

Rec pump 4000/6000 lts p/h



FGRS36 Slate Stepped Left Bend  

880 x 910 x 150

Rec pump 4000 lts p/h


FGRS37 Slate Stepped Right Bend

900 x 800 x 200

Rec pump 4000 lts p/h

FGRS38      Slate  Drop                                  

850 x 800 x 240

Rec pump 4000 lts p/h



FGRS36-37        Combination

Creates a lovely ripple effect cascade use drop section to add extra height. Can be used on their own, or in any combination

FGRS48                        Long  Slate S Bend

Slate stepped bends with drop sections

L1200 x 760 x 275

Rec pump 3000 lt p/h

FGRS49                         Long Left Bend Drop

Slate stepped bends with drop sections

L1240 x W710 x H380

Rec pump 3000 ltr p/h



FGRS50                                   Long Right Bend Drop

Slate stepped bends with drop sections

1280 x 700 x 330mm

Rec pump 3000  ltr p/h


 FGRS20                         Three Tier Cascade

Three Tier Cascade

L1120 x  W1150 x H580

Rec pump 3000 litres p/h

FGRS40  Cascading One Piece Waterfall

Cascading one piece waterfall

L920  X W1340 X H430MM

Rec pump 3000 litres p/h

FGRS19  Slate Marginal Canyon

Rockways Slate Marginal Canyon. This lovely watercourse has planting pockets within the watercourse.

L1450 x w950 x H450

Rec Pump 4000-6000 ltr p/h


FGRS 14 Slate River Canyon

L1400 x W8000 x H480mm

Rec pump 4000-6000 ltr p/h         

FGRS15 Slate  River Canyon Left Bend

L1200 x W950 x H500mm

Rec. pump 4000-6000 ltr p/h

FGRS16 Slate River Canyon Right Bend            

L1220 x W750 x H500

Rec Pump 4000-6000 ltrs p/h


SIN 1                              Drop Waterfall

Drop Waterfall - Rockways One Piece Waterfall

950 x 630 x 300

Rec pump 2500 lt p/h

SIN 2                          Stream

Stream - Rockways One Piece Waterfall

1400 x 800 x 150 

Rec pump 2500 lt p/h

FGRS51                          Slate Cascade

Slate Cascade - Rockways Small Cascade System

820 X 640 X 200mm

Rec pump 1500 lt p/h




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