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Rockways stunning new contemporary range includes two new preformed garden Rills. The Still Rill and Stepped Rill.

These unique preformed water channels create a wonderful modern water feature for a contemporary garden, or used as an inground water feature.  

The Still Rill is a simple but charming tranquil water feature. The water is moving but appears to be still.

The stepped Rill has a lot more motion, and has a beautiful ripple effect as it cascades down the steps.

They are great as a patio water feature feature. It can be clad in decking, as per our picture, or in sleepers to give a more rustic effect. Many other ways including just set in the ground with perhaps a stone surround.

For a modern water feature that does not have to take up to much room, these are the perfect answer.

Due to the corona virus and the closure of all garden centres. We at Rockways have opened a temporary online shop

Preformed Garden Rill. (Still Water Effect) 

23.5cm x 119cm

Rockways Preformed Garden Rill makes a wonderful feature for any garden. So easy to install.  This is the Still Rill. A water channel that has moving water but appears still. It has a built in connector. With a hidden sump, it makes a lovely pondless waterfeature, making it very child and animal friendly.

Preformed Garden Rill ( Stepped)

27cm x 121cm

Rockways Preformed Stepped garden Rill. This has all the same qualities of the Still Rill, but instad of still water, it has a llovely cascading effect. Takes up very little room.

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